Go Green

Ashirwad Hotesls  invite you all to experience a very unique concept of Eco Friendly Resorts that blends together traditional values, faith & spirituality of Mussoorie – a very vibrant and fertile destination in, South India with the ideals of relaxation & a healthy well being. Hotel Shirwad Mussoorie is the pioneers of a new green revolution for the future generations. 

Our Restaurant is an Organic restaurant offering exclusive farm products for the table menu. Most of the ingredients are freshly collected from the organic garden. Local farmhouse and suppliers within the radius of 60 miles delivering fresh more fresh products as well. Local dishes made from locally grown/procured ingredients are served. we offers seasonal fruits and other tropical delicacies in the menu.

Ashirwad's Organic agriculture is a holistic production management system which promotes and enhances agro-ecosystem health, including biodiversity, biological cycles and soil biological activity.  Ashirwad's Organic agriculture is gaining importance in the agriculture sectors of many countries, irrespective of their stage of development. Most of the studies have found that organic agriculture requires significantly greater labour input than conventional farms. Typically, the farmers experience little loss in yields after discarding synthetic inputs and converting their operations to organic production. In Austria and Switzerland, organic agriculture has come to represent as much as 10% of the food system, while USA, France, Japan and Singapore are experiencing growth rates that exceed 20% annually.