Attractions In Mussoorie - Nature

Mussoorie, the foothills of the Himalayas has a lot to offer from the Nature. You can get a calm & quite atmosphere here. Throw away your worries & let ur mmind free from tension & pressures...& just relax Like a flying bird....

Suakholi : An easy and pleasant walk eastward on Tehri road. Watch for the curious sedimentary formations along the way. The ripple effect observed is actually an ancient ocean bed that has been thrust skywards millions of years ago. Fantastic views of the snows along the way.

Parri Tibba (Witch’s Hill) : A nice and easy short day hike of around 2 hours (2 km). You will get a nice view of the Doon Valley and the Mussoorie area and is a great spot for picnics. It is not advisable to visit Witch’s Hill during storms as it seems supernaturally prone to lightning strikes.

Winter Line : From mid-October to January, when the sun sets, the western horizon turns a myriad combination of yellow, red, orange and mauve. The winter line can be observed at the Chakkar walk. This rare phenomenon can only be seen in 2 places in the world; Mussoorie and Switzerland. It occurs due to the refraction of sunlight at a particular angle, visible only from mountain areas with a long, clear valley towards the west.

Bear Hill : A similar short hike and in the same direction of Flag Hill, but instead follow the trail at the base of Flag Hill and then up to a saddle between the two hills. From here the trail is clear to the top of Bear Hill.

Pepperpot and Pepperpot Cave : A mountain so named because the squareness of its top resembles a pepperpot or shaker. Located to the east of Mussoorie, it is a leisurely day hike of around four hours (8 km). A nice place to see spectacular views of the surrounding hills, valleys and the distant snows. Also, a good area to meet up with some of the local fauna and birds.

Benog Tibba : This is a moderate hike around 18 kms distance which is accessible by jeep except for the last 7 kms. It is a rather bare-looking mountain to the west of Mussoorie. On the way there, you will enjoy a fantastic view of the Doon Valley. Expect to see a lot of bird species and keep your eyes open for Ghoral (Mountain Goat). From the summit you can uniquely view Mussoorie with the snows to the north and the sweeping curve of the Yamuna river far below.

Flag Hill : Headout before sunrise, east on upper Tehri road, till you reach The Gap; then up the trail on the left till you reach the top of the hill where you will find Tibetan prayer flags hung all around. A short 2 km hike that gives you a good view of the snows and the Aglar Valley to the north.

Char Dukan : Literally meaning ‘four shops’ though there are more than four shops now. A cool place to hang out with family or friends and enjoy chai with snacks.

Sunrise / Sunset Points : The best places to see the sunrise are Fairy Glen or Flag Hill, and sunsets are best viewed from Rokeby Manor.

Writers in Mussoorie : We can organize a ‘Meet the Author’ session (if you’re lucky) at our Tea Garden. Here are a few distinguished authors, who reside in Landour… Ruskin Bond, Stephen Alter, Sudhir Thapilyal, Bill Atkin (Travel Writer).

Tea in Tibet : Allow us to arrange a tea with a Tibetan couple and engage in insightful anecdotes about their culture and traditions back home.